Watch this woman fail to solve world’s easiest math question:


I picked this video because even though this math problem was the easiest one to solve, for this girl was tooo difficult to get the answer, until her husband explains her and still she does not understand.



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My favorite classes at QC

My favorite classes at QC are EnSci 100, URBST 101 and English 110. Even though this is my second semester at QC and I am a junior, I like these clases because I could interact with other students and I nalso had the oportunity to learn new topics that are unteresting for my major which is Elementary and Childhood Education. In comparison to the courses that I am taking this semester in a new college, there were some courses that I took in my college in Colombia, for example, English, Microteaching Basic Education, Language and Society, Education and Technology, etc because my major was similar than the one that I am studying in this moment: Bilingual Education. In addition, the clases that I want to look forward in order to take my major are EECE courses because I am interested in which classes I can choose.

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My considering major

I declared my major in the end of my first semester. I chose Elementary and Childhood Education. I love interact with children and wirk with them. i had my experience in my country (Colombia) and I had to observe 1st grade children classes and I loved the experience and I wand to have it again through my learning in my major. This is one of the different kind of jobs that I can get in the future because there is a huge demand of teaching jobs, especially for elementary schools.  But not only I can work as a teacher, I have understood that there are many oportunities for this major; for example, as a tutor either online or homechooling, or also as daycare teaching or translator.

According to the salary, many people complain about the income that teachers receive, but the income is actually quite good. The average school teacher receives a salary of over $50,000 per year. Of course, the benefits are also quite nice. Not only do you get a 3 month vacation every year, but most teachers receive government benefits, which includes excellent health care and a great pension. Also, the salary that the teacher couls have paid is depending on the state: In Queens, the median salary of elementary teacher is $52.087/ year.

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What I would change about QC

Despite of QC campus is one of the bigger campus I ever known in my life, also it has some concerns about student life. These concerns could be that the parking should be free or that student chould apply for prefference parking fee in each semester because even though the campus is huge is very difficult to find parking inside and/or outside college. Also, another concern about college is the Gen Ed requirements because  some classes don’t deal with majors, so they are pointless; there should be more options or less requirements and also the requirements take too long before taking each major clases, approximately 1 1/2 year including summer and winter sessions.

Another concern or disadvatage that college has is social life, because it is enough and what students do every time all classes finish is going to every ones home; however, the students sometimes or often have some idea of college’s activities but nothing happen about it. Another important concern that affects students is transportation because despite of having private transportation, I think that the shuttle service should be for everyone, or for student who live far from college and spend too long in order to arrive earlier to class.

Another important disadvantage that college has is that some classes are big. Teachers can’t deal with too many students, teachers don’t know students and it is more difficult to pay attention not only everyone’s doubts but also another doubts that ussually are not clarified; also arranging classes where there are fewer students in each class could be comfortable. There are many courses that have as many as 250 students in each class.  In addition, if the class is too big, the problem is that the professor will not even know the students names. I think this is a big factor in the student’s performance, participation and benefit.

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College Ratings

Rating a specific college is very important not only for us but also for our children and grandchildren future as proffesional students. This is so important because we need to know what kind of college we are studing and what are the good and bad facctors that are affecting the college life. These factors may include specific programs, departments, schools and student life. Also, it is important to say thatwe have to take into account that these rankings are conducted by magazines, newspapers, governments and academics.

In order to rank a college in a good way we have to taki into account which majors, minors and educational programs the college offeres anytime and the opinios from the students who are studying there and those who studied there too.

I think some colleges are competitive because they want to be ranked in the first position and they want to be the better colkges among the US and in order to get the best GPA’s in US.

According to my experice I studied in a high school that was supposed to be ranked in one of the first excellent schools of my country. The bad thing is that we as a students don’t know if nowadays this was true or if it was in order to keep the same level of education.

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How college is portrayed in this music video?

After watching this video, I definitely see the portray of the stereotype that college is all about partying and this is false. This video is pretty descriptive in terms of the words and the video itself of what college life is like. He associates “I love college” with “I love drinking” and obviously partying. During the whole video this guy is drinking and hooking up with girls and drinking alchohol. He also assuming that college and pastying are joined in this video. In my opinion, college is not THAT way, and I if you think is THAT way, so it means that you hate college at all. O course, during college there are party times, but it does not mean that party time is in college time, and I mean during classes.


Another videos that I foun about this topic are:


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Stereotypes about college

I have noticed that some of the steretypes that colleges have may be the sports teams that guys have, it does not matter if are made of girls of boys. Another stereotype of college is that all college is made from popular girls that go to parties and drink alcohol especially  by groups and with handsome boys. The next stereotype that I notice in the college is that students make groups according to their culture, religion or place of born, for example, chinese, jewish,arabs, latinos, etc.

Another stereotype that I have noticed at college could be that people who have glsases are considerated as nerds students and beatuful girls are called “popular ones”, or students who go to parties are cconsiderated as lazy people.

In QC, stereotypes not only are seen in english born students but also in ESL students that not sometimes change the stereotypes are negative impressions of one group of people above other group of people. This negative categorization of people can create an us  and them attitude, which in turn can create problems in many social situations  like the future workplace, at school or in the local  community.

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My five videos about College

Video 1


Video 2


Video 3


Video 4


Video 5




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Interview with my friend

Have you ever had a time when you were in a fight?

Yes, OK, this is the best friend fight I’ve ever had.

1)      It was my friend from five years ago and it is very silly, but umm…

2)     this is the first time that I rode into our town and she invited me to see a movie with me and I had no idea where it was or anything and we’re gonna see two movies

3)     So I paid for the first one and they wanna see other movie with their friends and they didn’t pay for it

4)     So I was like… “I’m not gonna do this, I don’t wanna get arrested’’

5)     So, I was like… I’m gonna leave now, no reason to stay.

6)     So, umm, she was… she isn’t really hide my back, she was like… ‘Oh, Ok, too bad.

7)     So, I got… “Yeah!”

8)     This is not very dramatic, so I was like…

9)     Dad! Where are you? Can you pick me up from this movie theater in Long Island and he said… (What did he said). He is like: I don’t know where you are, and I am like… I don’t know where I am either.

10)  And my friend was like was like… “She just wants to help me!”

11)    so,  after that day, we got another friend who finally was very nice and gave us directions for my dad

12)  And my dad found his way to pick me up and I was like crying outside. I was like… how did you do this to me (my best friend).

13)  So, yes I was ready to leave , and my dad picked me up and then I saw my friend ext to me and she didn’t wanna do the same thing, she didn’t wanna do the double feature, she didn’t wanna cheat, so I was like… I don’t wanna talk o you right now (I told her).

14)  For my dad, he was… he such a cool. He was like bit traumatic. He said, you know: Angie, you might be upset with your friend but you can’t leave her alone there too.

15)  So,  he is like, “ok, come in” and you know,

16)  Since then, we got over that and she is definitely the best friend I’ve ever had.


Introduction: Lines 1 and 2

Rising action: Lines 3 to 7

Climax: lines 8 to 13

Falling action: Lines 14 and 15

Conclusion: Line 16


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Entry about credibility websites

The first website I checked was and I realized that there were some information that was reliable, but not all. What  found interesting in this site was the brief descriptio of these kind of species and their characteristics; also I read that this kind of species are in the Endangered species list because of water pollution. In addition, this site provides some tips, sources, and additional information of interest.

Taking onto account the second website I  didn’t find any information reliable at all, On the contrary, the mayority of the information from there was unnimportant and wasted information. For example, this “news” it is very sad to see this 12 year old girl, who has a weird  genetic condition and is one of the best sutudents. Despite of her condition, she is able to continue with her life and her dreams.

The third website,  is in the same situation than te second one: some of the information found there is unimportant and I can’t understand vere well how the webpage is organized.

Finally, the article in the last webpage, is completely reliable because here presents some cases of the internet as a source to study. This website is a good source for conducting research becuse apart from the cases presented there, also the article gives information about research, solutions and testing debates about this topic that nowadays is affecting not only in high school students but also in college students who use the internet as a source of reading.

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